Local Missions

Betty Doyle, Director

PCCSM is a vital program to our community and our church.  PCCSM supplies a store that give clothing and household items for FREE To those who need it. 

To qualify to shop in our store, it is based on their income and that they live in Polk County.  Once they are signed up in our system, they can come shop once a week and take items that they need.  To get signed up, they have to go to COM or OACAC and get a voucher that shows their address,  amount of income, and names of all those who live in the household.   Unlike a regular thrift store, we are not open to the general public and we don’t price anything, It’s all free. 

Another program of PCCSM is the Share Your Christmas program.  It’s the biggest event in our community to serve the poor of Polk County and a lot (at least 13) of churches in the area help with SYC.   Many businesses support SYC.  

I am sure you can see how important PCCSM is to our community and how important our church support is to PCCSM.  Our church was instrumental in the initial organization of PCCSM 35 years ago.  Our church and 7 others provide a rep to serve on the PCCSM board of directors.  I have served for BUMC for the past 25 years+. 

Thanks for all you do and I am glad to answer any questions you may have.