Feed My Sheep

When Jesus commanded us to feed his sheep, He was not talking about just food, but also developing spiritual lives. Among others, Roy Huff said, “You become what you feed your mind.”  At Open Hearts Bolivar United Methodist Church, we have a rich venue in which to develop spiritually within Christian fellowship.

Our adopted goals or values are many and varied, just as the population is varied and brings us into fellowship and knowledge in Christ.  We know that here, we have outstanding activities which covers multiple interests.  Scan this site and pick a couple of activities in which you would be interested.  If you see that a way to serve others is missing, let’s talk about it.  Serving the community in Christ, as far as we are able, is why we exist.

We invite you to join in!  From casual services on Saturday night, to swinging hammers building for those in need, this is the right place for you.

updated 11.7.18

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